Fitness Training

What we offer

We have a team of personal trainers with knowledge and experience to suit any type of exercise. Whether you want to enjoy the benefits of a personal trainer on an ad hoc basis, train specifically for a sport, recover from a injury, remove back pain or transform your body, VO2 Fitness Training can help. For friends we provide group training sessions from two people up to four. Get in touch today and start your journey!

We are proud to be leading providers of personal training in Hildenborough Tonbridge and Sevenoaks. We have helped thousands of people just like you, transform their lifestyles.

With our expert trainers you will receive a very personalised service that  focuses 100% on you as an individual.

Our Fitness training services



What will you get from VO2 Fitness Training?
We are goal orientated and our approach works. We will help you set a realistic goal with mini goals along the way. Using the most up to date training methods we will ensure you exercise productively and with the correct techniques to get the most from every rep and set you do.
Our training formula includes Exercise, Nutrition, Goals, Support, Motivation and Accountability.In fact, everything you need for success.