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We have a team of personal trainers with knowledge and experience to suit any type of client. We find that the best PT results come from building great relationships with our clients to really learn what you want to achieve, what previously has limited you and then building the programme that will lead you to success.


Our clients include those wanting to train specifically for a sport, recover from an injury, remove back pain or simply to transform their body.
We consistently update our knowledge through continued professional development to be able to call ourselves experts in our chosen fields. We focus on getting our clients great results whilst providing a friendly, fun and welcoming environment to work out in.
Our approach to training is to enable long term changes to your health and wellbeing. We make all our training sustainable for our clients meaning we programme exercise at a level that is correct for the type of client and goal. We ensure that all our training advice and programmes are technically correct for maximum benefit and to reduce the risk of injury.

Our ethos:

We help our clients set realistic short and long-term goals
We believe in training for long term sustainable change
We ensure that training is programmed and progressive for maximum gain in fitness
We educate clients that training should be manageable and consistent

We plan and deliver bespoke training sessions for all clients. We guide our clients with goal setting, working on a plan for how to achieve it then supporting them as they embark on the programme. We regularly assess progress to make sure we are on target. Most importantly we offer a fun and welcoming environment for you to exercise in at our purpose-built studio.
Sessions are available in blocks of 4, 10 and 20 sessions. We do not offer ‘quick fix’ solutions and our experience has shown us that changing health habits takes time with the client needing to be supported through a gradual process.

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Fitness Kick Starter 4 Week Package

Need to change your lifestyle and need some help to get things moving?
We have the perfect package for you. The Fitness Kick Starter is designed to introduce you to personal training the VO2 way and to kick start you on what we hope will be a long-term fitness journey!
We help you set a goal and work hard for 4 weeks. Clients book this package to help with weight loss, toning up or to get some fitness back in their daily routine. You will work with one of our personal trainers and receive the following.
Package Details
-Fitness Assessment
-Health Screen
-Consultation and Goal setting
-Nutrition Guidance to help weight loss or a healthy lifestyle
-8 x 60min high energy training sessions (2 per week)
-Final assessment

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  • I would recommend having a PT to anyone and V02 have made it very attainable to anyone with very flexible offerings. Jane