Circuit Training

Circuit Training with VO2

Our circuits classes are the ultimate full body workout utilizing a variety of exercise equipment and body weight training. This is a nonstop, high intensity fitness session designed to make every muscle work.

Each station targets a different body part to get you the results you want, be it weight loss, toning, muscle building, or just general fitness. The stations are regularly changed so that you have a varied and stimulating workout from week to week.

We firmly believe that motivation comes from enjoying exercise, challenging your body, and seeing results. All ranges of fitness are catered for, and our instructors will be there all the way to advise and encourage you. We run a friendly, fun class, helping you to maximize your workout and dig deep.

How to book:

Circuit training is organised as a series of sessions during the month. We recommend attending a series of training for consistency, physical adaption and to help you achieve your goals.

Contact us to book Circuit Training

Prices are £45.00 when you book six sessions or if you want to turn up and train it costs £10 per session. Pre booked clients will have priority over turn up and train.

Circuit Training Class Times

Mondays 8pm
Thursdays 7.45pm