Sports Therapy

At vo2 we feel we are different than your conventional gym in terms of the quality we provide. Our systemic approach to health comes from years of study and a system of looking at the body and what it needs to achieve health.
Our system is one in which we want to combine our manual therapy, orthopaedic rehabilitation, corrective exercise, personal training and sports performance.
Sports therapy at Vo2 with Steven Hollinshead (Bsc) Hons Dip. CHEK. Combines Osteopathy, with Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology, sports and remedial massage and personal training to achieve your goals whatever they may be.


Having completed his Bsc(Hons) in 2013, Steven uses several Osteopathic techniques and uses up to date research to diagnose using special tests in a clinical environment. The use of neurological testing, and full case history taking, enables him to treat the patient with excellent manual therapy techniques that fit with the right pathology. Full details are passed on to the trainers in the gym to ensure that the right exercises are used to help with the patients symptoms.


Having studied extensively with the Chek institute in San Diego, Steven uses his knowledge in orthopaedic rehabilitation, corrective exercise and sports performance to take the patient from the clinic environment to a movement lead approach. Specific measurements are used to assess joint range of motion to create balance and optimal programme design.

Sports massage

All soft tissue injuries, recovery, and sports performance are adhered to using over 10 years experience in all massage techniques including soft tissue release, muscle energy technique, neuro-muscular technique, and myofacial release.

Personal Training

This is where we put it all together, whether a referral or training has commenced post rehab, all movement patterns, are assessed. A full 6- 8 week programme is used focussing on posture, stability, strength and power depending on the client’s history and goals.
As you can see from above, at Vo2 we aim to provide the best possible service to meet your goals and hopefully keep you in tip top condition.

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