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Swim coaching with VO2

We provide swim coaching to help swimmers and triathletes of all abilities. Coaching takes places is our own endless pool, and uses underwater filming technology to help us analyse and improve your swimming technique.

We will work with you to identify any stroke imbalances or faults and provide you with corrective drills and practices to improve your swimming.

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A typical  swim coaching session

– We film you in our endless swimming pool from above and below the water, overhead and any other angle required.

– We then get you out of the water to review your footage on a laptop, conveniently located beside the Endless pool. This whole analysis is recorded for you to take away on memory stick.

– Following the filming and analysis, we will then begin the process of making the required improvements using drills appropriate to your stroke needs. Please note that we cannot guarantee all aspects can be coached in the initial session and we will recommend a series of structured sessions.

– You will leave with a clear understanding of where you can make improvements to your triathlon swim stroke. You will also receive a follow up e-mail with a report of the session together with drill descriptions.